Thank you to everyone who joined us at the SOLD OUT Meet in the Middle: Expanded Learning Summit in Washington, DC, or tuned into the live webcast.

With 250 attendees hailing from 11 states and 16 cities nationwide, and viewers tuning in from six countries around the world, our first convening was engaging, inspiring, and ripe with ideas for how to make expanded learning the new normal for middle school students.  

Photos & Session Videos are now available!

Click here to view photos from the Summit and videos of each session.

Take Action Today!

Whether or not you attended the Summit, we encourage you to stay involved and continue the momentum…


  • Using the hashtag #ExpandLearning2015, tell your online networks why expanded learning matters to you.

  • Reach out and thank someone who has made a difference in your life. Email, text, call, or ask to meet for coffee–show appreciation for their mentorship!

  • If you are an expanded learning practitioner, interview your constituents (students, mentors, staff, etc.) and share their stories online, through newsletters, and publications. 


  • Join one of our convening partner organizations or find an expanded learning or mentor program near you using sites like or or

  • If you volunteer or mentor, invite friends, colleagues, and family to join you.


  • What do your elected officials support? Pay attention to their education agendas and voting record.
  • Speak up! Support legislation that will sustain and grow high-quality expanded learning programs—use social media, call and e-mail elected officials, and submit op-eds to local publications.
  • Stay tuned for action alerts and updates on how you can engage and impact expanded learning education policy 

About the Summit

All students need real-world learning opportunities and mentorship to help shape their lives and develop necessary academic and social-emotional skills. Yet income and background often limit access, especially to high-quality programs. To shift this trend, schools and community organizations across the country are collaborating to expand learning time and opportunities for low-income students, with a special focus on the critical, but often neglected, middle school years.

With proven track records of impact, Citizen Schools and Higher Achievement partnered with other leaders in the expanded learning field, including the National Center on Time & Learning, Spark, ExpandED Schools by TASC, America Forward, US2020High Jump, National Summer Learning Association, STEMconnector/Million Women Mentors, Ford Foundation and Fidelity Investments to host a day-long summit on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 in Washington, DC. The Summit brought together a wide rage of voices--from policy makers to practitioners--to focus on making expanded learning opportunities the new normal for all students. 


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photo credit: higher achievement

photo credit: higher achievement

Be one of 250 practitioners, policy makers, funders and supporters from non-profit and community-based organizations, government, foundations and companies across the country. 

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summit agenda

Photo Credit: @Ritterbin

Photo Credit: @Ritterbin

Learn from, contribute to, and be challenged by keynote addresses, panelist conversations and breakout discussions with the vast array of area-experts joining in the discussion. 

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photo credit: itc

photo credit: itc

Currently the largest structure in Washington, DC, the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is the first and only federal building dedicated to both government and private use. Join us to trade ideas and best practices this April! 

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